Be Ready For Your Trucks Arrival

  • Have all loose items securely packed in boxes
  • Have all beds and outdoor swing sets/trampolines dismantled and any other furniture required
  • Stack all boxes in a single area if possible, ensuring you are not blocking any entrances or access to other furniture
  • Empty fridge/freezers and defrost prior to our arrival
  • Disconnect all appliances and ensure all loose cords are packed


  • Collect valuable items/documents and take them with you personally

Packing Boxes

  • Use heavy-duty removalist boxes where possible.
  • Avoid using too many different-sized boxes – this saves time when loading our trucks as they are easier to stack and utilize truck space
  • When packing boxes, fill the gaps with linen or butchers paper to decrease movement and avoid damage
  • Securely wrap all glassware/fragile goods and ensure the box is clearly marked ‘Fragile’